Piers Morgan Takes Another Shot at 2nd Amendment

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Well, Piers Morgan is at it again. Recently, Piers had on his show Larry Pratt, of Gun Owners of America, where he resorted to name calling and finger pointing. He stonewalled all facts that were served back to him, with his inability to grasp the concept of the right for an American citizen to protect themselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

After losing any credibility he might have had, Piers scheduled to have Alex Jones on his show, which he did on his Monday night broadcast. Alex Jones is a well-known radio personality with much more regular listeners than Piers Morgan. His stance, and more importantly his personality, which are known by many, was the key factor to having him on as a guest. Piers knew that a loud and outspoken Jones could potentially cast a dark shadow on 2nd amendment gun supporters.

What Morgan failed to get from his interview, yet again, were facts other than his own. Morgan continues to site the fact that after England banned guns, the overall deaths by a firearm are around 35 for the previous year. He then makes the claim that over 11,000 deaths occurred in the United Sates last year from firearms. Which to somebody that only has those two facts; can sound like a rather convincing argument for his position.

Jones, regardless of your opinion of him, stayed consistent, putting aside the fact that we have a 2nd amendment that protects our natural right to protect ourselves.  Jones stated facts that Morgan brushed off, ignored and failed to refute.  One thing Jones stated was that countries, states and cities that have restricted firearms are also seeing overall crime rate increases.

For example, the country of Australia. After they enacted a gun ban, the following crimes and rates increased.

Armed Robberies, increased 69%

Assaults with guns, increased 28%

Gun Murders, increased 19%

Home Invasions, increased 21%   Source

Two examples of states and cities with strict gun laws are Connecticut and Chicago. The city of Chicago just announced a record high of over 500 murders in 2012, making it one of America’s most violent cities, regardless of it’s strict gun laws. Source  In Connecticut, where the Sandy Hook incident took place, they already have strict gun laws including “assault rifle” bans. Source

Piers then ignored the argument that “an armed society is a polite society.” It’s estimated that around 800,000-2,500,000 crimes are stopped by guns each year. The numbers are an average range from multiple studies. It’s also estimated that over 100,000,000 guns are owned in America. So when you compare Morgan’s argument that over 11,000 people died last year in the U.S. because of firearms, and upwards to 2.5 million crimes are stopped every year by legal gun carrying Americans, his argument seems weak. That’s about 6,000 crimes stopped per day on average.

From there, it was obvious his only argument was how many people die each year by a firearm. If that’s your only argument, then maybe we should start looking at other things that cause death. There were over 19,000 deaths by accidental drug overdose in 2004 alone. The majority of these deaths were from prescription drugs, not illegal drugs. Banning prescription drugs makes as much sense as banning guns. Or another example, the FBI released that more people die each year from hammers, clubs and fists than firearms. Source

So what do all of these numbers mean? Who’s right and who’s wrong? You can form your own opinions, but one thing that stands as fact is that we have a bill of rights. Without the bill of rights, the constitution would have never been ratified. In the bill of rights, we have the right to bear arms under the 2nd amendment. But rights are NOT gifts from government. Our founding fathers believed that citizens should be able to also protect themselves from a tyrannical government. This philosophy seems to have no baring on Morgan as well!

When it comes to addressing mag bans and semi-automatic weapons, does Piers forget that we should be able to protect ourselves from ALL threats, foreign and domestic? Single shot .22’s won’t work for multiple threats, or if our country was ever invaded. Muskets might have been equal playing field for our founding fathers, but today’s threats are not going to sympathize with our inability to possess and use guns that hold multiple rounds.

I’ll end with a quote.

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

-Thomas Jefferson


Written by Adam Henriksen

Adam Henriksen [send him email] is the state chapter coordinator for the Arizona Tenth Amendment Center. Originally from Georgia, Adam has lived in Arizona for 15 years and has been with the Tenth Amendment Center since 2012.

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